Welcome to Binti

Binti is a social enterprise, with a mission to provide sanitary towels to all girls and women as a basic right, to dispel all myths, taboos and negative perceptions around periods and to improve empowerment and financial independence for women in emerging economies. Binti is headquartered in the UK with projects across India and Eastern Africa. 

We are determined to be the organisation that jumpstarted The Sanitary Pad Revolution for women, by women, to women. 

Our mantra and work ethic focuses on:

Availability. Our projects hire local women. 

Affordability. The women produce and distribute the low cost towels to their communities. 

Awareness. Through our educational programmes the women will have forums to openly discuss their menstrual issues. One by one, we hope to eliminate the taboos and myths that have been carried through generations and bring about change.

What We Do

Binti assists entrepreneurial, self-help women groups to create micro factories to produce, distribute and sell low cost sanitary towels within their local communities. We hire self-sufficient local women. We provide funding options for the equipment. We supply the machinery, raw material, distribution channels, training and support to establish the micro factories. We organise educational programmes for the wider community and educate communities about periods. 

Who do you choose to help? What triggers a passion to immerse yourself into a mission? When I discovered that there were women in the world who did not have access to sanitary towels I was horrified. I’m not sure why I was so moved but it may have something to do with understanding how difficult life can be during menstruation even in our world.
— Manjit K. Gill, CEO, Binti LLP