Think It's Just India? Menstrual Taboos Stain The West Too

Pardon the irony, but it's no secret that menstruation is a big secret in India. Not only do women have to find creative ways to hide this 'shame' from men, but the lack of education and information on this issue means that girls starting puberty often do not know why they menstruate. Women of India: be surprised to know that some of these issues are not unique to India -- menstruation is also a taboo in the West.

Sanitary products are taxed in the UK (it's dubbed the "tampon tax") like any luxury item, despite the fact that the government's healthcare service (NHS) provides free contraception and flat-fee medication which is free for the most vulnerable. This is based on the idea that no-one should fall below a certain standard. Yet there is no state provision for even the poorest menstruating women, and homeless women have to rely on charities to meet sanitary needs. The issue is not just at the top, it is deep-rooted in social attitudes -- such as a refusal to discuss this issue -- which then influence policy and taxation.

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Hindu Lawyers Association celebrates Sita's Diwali with Binti Period and Pink Ladoo

The Hindu Lawyers Association broke new ground on 24 November 2016 by celebrating Sita’s Diwali, supporting the interests of women in law and society.

The issue of gender inequality in the legal profession is particularly highlighted by reviewing statistics at entry level whereby over 50% of solicitors are female with a gradual decrease of female representation at each stage of promotion. It is generally considered that statistics do not show the overall picture of a situation however raise a big question as to what needs to be done for women to be promoted to senior management level. This event was organised to open up the conversation on this matter hearing the stories of some of the leading female Hindu lawyers in the profession.

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16th Asian Achievers Awards

It was a gloomy and rainy Friday. But nobody could wet the spirit of 800+ guests who gathered at the prestigious Grosvenor House Hotel in park Lane, to celebrate the glamorous 16th Asian Achievers Awards. Celebrities and guests walked down the red carpet as ushers in fancy attires waited to welcome everybody in. 

The success of the night was underlined with the incredible £180,000 raised for charity partner Indian Ocean Disaster Relief,which was founded in early 2005 following the devastating tsunami on Boxing Day 2004. In its 16 years, the Asian Achievers Awards has helped to raise millions of pounds for various charities it has supported.

Winners of the awards included, Selva Pankaj , CEO Regent Group, a London-based education skills and training development group ; Manjit Gill, CEO Binti, who runs a social enterprise that works tirelessly for women's causes in India and AfricaParalympian, Ryan Raghoo, a long jumper who suffers from cerebral palsy; and Lord Naren Patel KT who was honoured with the Lifetime Achievement Award.

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Launching a new project in Gurgaon, India

Binti UK is delighted to announce the launch of a new project in Gurgaon, India. The project will be managed by approximately 15 entrepreneurial local women who will be responsible for producing enough sanitary towels for 8,000 women and girls a month. We are determined to be changing the lives of girls one day at a time. Period.

Binti Partnership with AWSAR India 

Binti and AWSAR India announce a new partnership that will focus on achieving core social impact goals of providing sanitary pads and improving menstrual dignity within India.

Binti will be developing and implementing a sustainable social enterprise model as well as fundraising options for the projects in the communities. It will be implementing its bespoke mindful menstruation education programme.

AWSAR India will be providing valuable community outreach to ensure the success of the projects.

“Anything that we can do to keep these girls in school today, is a benefit to the society and women of tomorrow.” says Mark Courtney COO of Binti UK.

Tara Chand, Founder of AWSAR India, says: “We are excited about this partnership as it allows us to leverage Binti UK's knowledge of running a sustainable business to further our cause of empowering women in India. We are confident that Binti UK's advocacy and fund raising experience will go a long way in helping us deliver better outcomes in our social initiatives.”

Creating affordable sanitary towels, awareness through education and the availability of sanitary protection for every woman. These are the changes that Binti would like to bring to the remote villages of India.
— Manjit K Gill CEO, Binti PERIOD LLP