“Binti” means “young lady” in Swahili, “daughter of” in Arabic, and “request” in Punjabi.

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Binti promotes menstrual dignity through access to sanitary protection and education. Binti is currently operating projects within India and Nairobi.

Menstruation is a significant cause of gender inequality in low-income countries. Many girls and women on their period are unable to engage fully in their daily activities, like attending school or work, due to poor sanitation, lack of sanitary protection as well as a stigma associated with menstruation. Restriction and a lack of education around such a natural process are key reasons why women are unable to escape the poverty trap. 

Women use rags, straw, sand, animal skin, newspaper and sometimes cow dung during their menstruation. Such unhygienic protection causes infection, reproductive diseases and adds to social stigma.

Binti enables women within these communities to produce sanitary towels in a sustainable social enterprise model. Through awareness about menstrual health and access to sanitary protection, women are empowered to fight against social stigma and become more equal participants within society.

High school students in Punjab, India.

High school students in Punjab, India.

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Young girls in a village in Hoshiarpur, India

Young girls in a village in Hoshiarpur, India

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