Manjit K. Gill
Founder & CEO

Manjit has over 20 years of business expertise under her belt and has been involved in 7 startups prior to Binti. Her flair for finding opportunities has taken her around the world and she has international experience in the business arena. Her role as a mentor for a business woman in Kenya with the Cherie Blair Foundation led her to start this project. Her mission is to create a huge, social impact whilst generating a sustainable organisation. As a British Indian, providing basic hygiene for women in India has become her obsessive, compulsive dedication to making a change.

Mark Courtney

Mark has been involved in high profile companies and startups for over 20 years and has had a variety of business development and legal roles. A barrister and then merchant banker in the late 80’s and early 90’s he has been a key member of business creation teams globally. At Binti he will be responsible for keeping the business running effectively in each of the countries whilst complying with the local legal rules. His expertise will ensure that the business is profitable, maximising all opportunities and heading towards its expansion goals.

Madhu Kumar

Madhu joins us with 19 years Financial Accounting experience ranging over a wide spectrum of industries, from hospital finance, private limited firms and a large engineering group. Her involvement with existing businesses and charitable trusts makes her a valuable member of the team. Her responsibility with Binti is striking a core balance between growth, sustainability and profit.


Craig Butler

Craig has held a front row seat at the intersection of business and technology for seventeen years, offering a composite perspective of traditional and cloud computing that has helped executive teams open doors to opportunity and transform business at several of the world’s dominant financial institutions and digital properties. As a driver of sustainable growth through technology-enabled cost-savings and productivity, Craig brings 360-degree insights to the challenges companies face in modernizing software and IT best practices. With a critical eye on customer and employee satisfaction, Craig’s unique blend of strategic and hands-on experience lets him balance innovative thinking with practical approaches, while engendering trust among executive decision-makers.

He brings his technical expertise to Binti enabling the organisation to stay ahead while focusing on its long-term goal of helping one girl at a time.

Abhi Naha
Trustee UK

Abhi Naha was the CEO and Founder of Zone V Ltd a Cambridge UK start up backed by Qualcomm and ARM Holdings. Zone V is focused on empowering people with aging eyes and visually impaired through inclusively designed mobile devices with a strong focus on empowering women in developing countries. He is also a Board Advisor to EqualEyes, part of Wayra (Telefonica) and founder of the Cambridge Wireless handset special interest group which he now co chairs with Qualcomm and Accenture. Abhi is a valued member of the Binti team, shaping its corporate goals whilst keeping the focus on its mission.

Angad Paul Singh
Trustee UK

Angad qualified with a BEng (Hons) in Kings College London. He has cofounded an international social enterprise committed to improving the educational outcomes for children in care.  He organised an event with author Rupi Kaur and Binti were selected as a charity partner. Angad came across Binti through a previous social enterprise event in the UK and he was instantly drawn to Binti’s cause and core mission of changing perceptions around menstruation. He will be heading up partnerships and looking to form long-term quality relationships to bring the change Binti is striving for. 

Rupa Aujla
Trustee UK

Rupa hails from a media background with extensive experience in TV, film and photography. She has also worked with a number of charities. She thrives on building relationships with rapport and trust with people from all walks of life and she is truly passionate about making difference in the world. Rupa has a real flair for connecting with people which she will be brining her skills to Binti by writing and editing website content and creating a digital presence and awareness for the charity through social media and blogs. Additionally she will be responsible for taking photography at, and assisting with organising, press releases and events. 


Hardeep Kundan
Trustee UK

Hardeep is passionate about being involved in humanitarian work that implements equality, empowerment and education. She has consistently volunteered with a small charity, Sikh Aid international, since her teens, giving her exposure to relief missions proving eye operations for the blind and underprivileged, dental care and education for orphans in India and more recently the installation of a water pump in East Africa. In the UK she has been worked on various projects with Acorns and St Mary’s Hospice. Hardeep has been greatly inspired by Binti’s mission to eradicate the stigma attached to menstruation. She will be promoting Binti by organising and running PR campaigns and managing participation in events.

Beatrice Muchira
Ambassador Nairobi

Beatrice is a local business woman who has 4 years of sales and marketing experience. She is currently studying a degree in Communication, Media and Culture in Panteion University Athens Greece. She is responsible for the local operations in Nairobi for Binti. Her long term goal is to develop the projects within the organisation throughout the Nairobi region.

Jaspreet Dhillon
Volunteer UK

Jez graduated in 2014 with a degree in Industrial Design and Technology. She is currently studying nutrition and working as a graphic designer and online creator. She writes her own blog and creates videos around plant-based eating and general wellbeing. Joining the Binti team is important to her; growing up in an Indian household meant that periods were “the elephant in the room.” Menstruation was largely ignored and unaddressed. She is a firm believer that no girl should ever suffer when menstruating. Period. At Binti, Jez is in charge of creating media content, through images and videos for our social channels. 


Joshna Raghwani
Volunteer UK

Joshna studied Development Economics at University and subsequently gained over 5 years of experience within the venture capital and start up industry with a focus on clean energy and biotechnology. She has been key in developing and completing projects and creating and analysing partnerships for the organisations she has worked for.  Joshna grew up exposed to the stigma attached to menstruation and she is determined to evoke conversations about menstruation without prejudice. Joshna will be responsible for creating and implementing a corporate social strategy at Binti as well developing partnerships with key organisations that will help expand Binti’s mission.