Binti Videos

#TeamBinti out in London to #SmashShame talk about periods and have conversations about why it is still a stigma. 

Manjit K Gill is interviewed on the Sikh Channel

Our #BintiAmbassador  in Swaziland

Blue Liquid vs. Blood #SMASHSHAME

What is a period? Binti International

Can periods be different for women? 

#Hipster Veggie introducing Binti at a Vegan event

International Women's Day 2016 in partnership with Rohan Builder in Pune India

Binti Launch Video | JULY 12, 2015

Who is Binti? From an 8year old boys perspective..

2 Oct. 2015 | 8-year-old Aaron, son of Binti's CEO Manjit K. Gill, tells us what he thinks of the work that Binti does. Impromptu and too cute.